The starts of the firm

ARC EN CIEL was born in Ceres, a small village in the Lanzo Valley (in Turin province), as a co-operative society of young people animated by ambitious intentions and entrepreneur attitude.
Being a part of a project of a mountain region development and revaluation, at the beginning our production consisted in a complete sequence, from wildberries growing to processing and direct trade.
Our most ambitious purpose was, and is, to reach the hightest levels of quality. Therefore we chose to fulfil the rules of organic production, guaranteed by an Organic Control Body.
Moreover, the careful examination of costumers’ requirements, and the new market trends analysis in field of health, led our company to experiment continuously innovative soluctions.
The research was sterred in two directions:
- the rediscovery of traditional home recipes and regional specialities where the tastes follow the rhythm of the seasons.
- The formulation of new specific products to satisfy selective diets. The rising market of natural food showed a deep interest in the offers proposed, thus encouraging once more the corporate development and the technological innovation. Nowadays the agricultural production is entrusted to partners settled in Italian regions; on the other hand, the processing takes place completly in our current factory set in Cafasse.

History of corporate development

- 1983 Foundation of ARC EN CIEL, with seat in Ceres 5, Valgrande Street;
- 1987 Building of the first factory in Ceres 4 Molino Hamlet;
- 1989 Extension with a warehouse and offices in Mezzenile; Loc. Sabbione 3;
- 1990 Achievement of Organic Certification;
- 1994 Transfer in the factory of Cafasse 108 Roma Street (600 mq);
- 1998 Extension of the packing area, warehouses, building of the first cold store, achievement of ISO 9000 Certification;
- 2004 Tranfer of offices in the Villa
- 2005 Extension of warehouses (1400 mq)
- 2006 Extension of warehouses and cold stores (3000 mq)

The present factory

The seat is placed in Cafasse, a little commune among green valleys, at the entrance of the Lanzo Valley and served by useful lines of communication.
Now as then, we continue to keep fidelity to sound principles established at the beginning.
The total area of the factory takes up about 3000 mq, shared out in:
- goods receipt area;
- warehouses for raw materials storage;
- cold stores;
- cleaning and selection of fruits and vegetables area;
- processing and cooking department;
- potting, bottling, labelling and packing departments;
- finished products storage warehouses;
- loading products areas;
- A laboratoty of analysis
- The offices are seated in front of the entry of the factory, into a vintage villa beginning of 1920.
The factory is structured for fruit and vegetable dressing and in particular for production of jams, marmalades, fruit juices, sauces, jars of preserved vegetables.
Moreover, the facilities production capacity is so performing that enables us to offer also potting and bottling services on behalf of a third party.
Since 1998 the firm operates its quality system according to ISO 9001:2000 standards.